Dodgy Guide to Meteo France

The specialist aviation weather from Meteo France is available only to subscribers, but general weather forecast is quite useful, the problem is that it is in French and changes format frequently, so here is the decode:

Meteo France downloads slowly so patience please. At the homepage click "Le Temps" (The Weather). The format of Meteo France is updated quite often so look for "Le Temps" or "Les Temps pout Tous" or something like it. This is the format in April 2003.

This page will give a general weather forecast for the whole of France. Click on the "Vent" (Wind) dialogue box to get the wind speeds and vectors. Don't mix up "Tempé" (Temperature) and "Temps" (Weather)


Meteofrance2a.jpg (289349 bytes)


Meteofrance3a.jpg (297193 bytes)

France is a big place, Click on the "region" drop down menu and select "Pas De Calais" or "Normandie" depending on where it is intended to cross the channel. This will give a high quality local forecast for up to 3 days. For information "Department" is the equivalent of an English County and "Ville" is French for Town. For Days of the week click here

Meteofrance4a.jpg (147572 bytes)

The days of the week are:


Lundi Monday
Mardi Tuesday
Mercredi Wednesday
Jeudi Thursday
Vendredi Friday
Samedi Saturday
Dimanche Sunday